The Problem

68% of low-income 4th graders cannot read at a basic level*
When looking at all 4th graders, a stunning 40% of America's students continue to read below the basic level.

Children's Reading Statistics Are Used to Plan Prison Construction
So strong is the link between literacy and being a useful member of society that states use grade-level reading statistics as a factor in projecting future prison construction.** Currently, nearly 50% of America's adults are poor readers or “functionally illiterate,” and one in every 178 U.S. residents will live in prison (2011.)

$27.5 Billion Dollars
Taxpayer cost in new dollars for prison over the next five years (in addition to current prison costs.)

* Improving Education for Every Child - by Nina Shokraii Rees, former Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the US Dept. of Education
** Bob Chase, President, National Education Association

The Solution

Our Reading & Rhythm program increases reading scores by an average of 52%
Reading & Rhythm works through the revolutionary use of rhythm to convert the fear of failure into the will to fight to learn. It inspires students to create greater focus and build self-esteem, and trust their intelligence, creativity, and own natural ability to grasp ideas and facts. The brain needs rhythm to conduct complex tasks, according to recent research from University of California, Berkeley. Illiteracy is the power source of fear. Take away the fear, turn on the fight. Turn poor readers into good readers and keep them out of jail. Click here for some Real world test scores. Following is a comment from a 3rd grade teacher on the effectiveness of the program:

“…Not only has Gabriel’s reading level increased from a low, first grade level to a beginning third grade level in a very short time, but his reading comprehension has skyrocketed, and his spelling and vocabulary skills have greatly improved. His fluency went from 38 words per minute to 88 words per minute. The biggest improvement, however, is in Gabriel’s self-esteem and enthusiasm.”
--Sheila Bouffard, Teacher, Grade 3, Westminster Avenue Elementary School, Los Angeles

Get Involved Today

Please do not allow another prison to be built because students cannot read. Act today and save a child’s life.

Donate to Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training (any region) so we can teach 10 teachers at a time to use our program to raise 250 kids' reading scores by an average of 52%
Donate to the Reading & Rhythm (Los Angeles County only) program so we can teach 12 students at a time how to read quickly and accurately with an average improvement of three grade levels