Letters from Health Institutions

Pamela Stephan
Wellness Community - 2005

October 3, 2005

The Wellness Community
South Bay cities cancer support, education and hope

Dear Steven,

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the "Drumming For Your Life" workshop I participated in at the Wellness Community, Redondo Beach; A non-profit organization working with individuals who have cancer, and their family/friends.

Drumming was an excellent way to help us move out of our head, (where most spend the majority of the time), and into the energetic experience of being in the NOW, where the potential exists to feel healing life force energy moving through our bodies.

The Wellness Community is comprised of many different individuals with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of health. The loving, safe and non-judgmental way you introduced the drumming process allowed everyone the opportunity to feel comfortable enough to surrender to the process at his or her own pace and style.

What I then witnessed in myself and in those around me was a joyful expression of being alive, moving through energetic blocks and feeling connected to the body, heart, and spirit. I know that cannot help but to alleviate stress and bring play and joy into one"s life, all of which in support healthy immune system functioning.

Thank you again for your gentle, playful and passionate presence. Your love and respect of the drum and its deep healing potential is evident. You are contributing in a unique way to heal the planet.


Pamela Stephan
Marriage and Family Therapist