Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Jefferson Elementary School
Teacher Workshop

May 10, 2005

"Steven Angel was fantastic. He made me remember that children learn at a different pace and that they are unique. The exercises are wonderful because I can use them right away with my students. I loved the Trust activity and Power Rhythm. Visualize getting an A!" - I.R.

"Steven Angel is a very enthusiastic person who presented rhythm of learning in a way I had never seen rhythm presented. He showed us that a group is connected by rhythm and that the individual is also empowered by rhythm. I liked the Pulse Beat because after we did it I had more sense of my surroundings." - P.M.

"This experience today was very enlightening. Rhythm seems to solicit energy and creates a pulse. Tempo, phrasing and echoing bring all children into the activities." - M.G.

"This experience made me think about a missed opportunity that I will reclaim in the morning. The focus and motivation that such visceral movement brings will help me teach my students with less time wasted and more focus on a given subject. I only wish this was being offered as a classroom project. Thank you." - D.M.

"Steven Angel"s workshop on Rhythm of Learning was great. It gave me a new way of looking at maintaining a positive and energetic class as they (students) learn and as I teach. I look forward to applying his exercises in my classroom." - M.J.

"Great inservice! I believe children should use their energy for learning and some teachers want to suppress that energy. I"m glad you came and stated: Teachers should "shift the control and embrace the energy"! Thanks for creating an awareness at the school." - Principal