Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Linda Duke, Director of Education, UCLA Hammer Museum

Dear Steven,

I want to thank you for the outstanding program you contributed to the UCLA Hammer's salary point-credit teacher course, Mischief, Myth and Art: A Workshop for Secondary Teachers on the Tricky, Interdisciplinary Nature of Art. I originally asked for you to be a presenter because I thought your work with rhythm and student empowerment was very relevant to the course's focus on the role of aesthetic experience in learning. This certainly proved to be the case! You introduced a number of interesting ideas about the relationship between rhythm, focused attention, communication and learning in school classrooms. You presented those ideas clearly and then engaged the teachers in activities that dramtically demonstrated their validity. I don't believe I have ever witnessed a more powerful and effective demonstration in support of an educational theory.

In the days after the workshop, we heard from several participants. They called to thank us for providing such a thought provoking experience. I know the concepts you introduced will continue to feed our discussions in the course. Thank you again for your presentation. I look forward to working with you on future courses and projects.


Linda Duke
Director of Education