Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Crestwood Street Elementary School
Testimonials From Teachers

September 2004

"I found it a great opportunity for our staff to build cohesiveness. This was the most focused I"ve ever seen our staff." - B.T.

"This is very useful information that can be taken to the classroom immediately. I"ve looked at my rhythm and thought about how I gather the class and relay information and realized the importance of making everyone involved." - D.J.

"It was great to become aware of my rhythm in relation to everything around me. This is a great way to calm and center myself. I really enjoyed it!" - J.E.

"I feel I learned to trust myself as a teacher and to pay attention to my place of comfort – I am feeling – energized & confident that I will be a better communicator! Thank You! - L.S.

"Totally enjoyed the mind/body experience. I think tempo & rhythm is very important in teaching" - G.M.

"You are an inspiring speaker. I have received positive teaching techniques and how to use energy in a positive way. I am a special ed teacher and it help me. Thank you and keep teaching and helping others." - M.L.

"This was a calming way to learn about focus and energy in the classroom. It was a great way to find your personal balance and to create awareness of connecting with what you are teaching. Great Job!" - B.C.

"The experience heightened my awareness of my classroom, it"s tempo, and my feelings about the highs and lows, the unity and calamity, and the overall peace I have every day in the aftermath." - M.S.

"I thought this workshop was wonderful. So often we stay in and utilize our left brain and ignore the right. Tapping into our energies and realizing our own energy and power can only help us become better communicators. Life of course is a journey of different rhythms, and learning to trust yourself is the beginning. Thank you for your energy." - R.U.