Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Corona Elementary School
Testimonials From Teachers

November 2004

"This was a great experience! It was a great new way to teach reading and other subjects to my students. It taught me how to teach focusing to my students who otherwise would not understand what that means." - A.J.

"Powerful program! Very motivating, engaging and exciting. Drumming for Your Life was an eye opener. Hopefully students will enjoy it as much as I did." - P.P.

"It was amazing to experience such peace and quiet after the pulse beat exercise. I can"t wait to try it with my class tomorrow! Thanks!" - A.L.

"This workshop was engaging and motivating. I will try this with all 4th & 5th grade students in science. The session on empowering oneself is a sustaining strategy that I find valuable. Thank you." - M.A.

"I really enjoyed today"s drumming. I can see this technique helping the kids learn self control, a skill that is lacking so much this day – n – age." - A.M.

"I learned a way to get the kids in tune with each other and at the same time have fun with it. It doesn"t take much time and the kids will enjoy it. Thanks." - M.A.

"Very powerful, Outstanding - - Wow! New insights to help others learn - JAK

"Thank you for the exercise on drumming to improve classroom teaching. I am confident they will help me keep my students" attention and channel their energy into productive learning." Sincerely, - J.M.

"Very Focused, Right on Target, Very Effective, Time Efficiency." - V.W.