Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Canyon Charter School
Testimonials from Teacher Workshop

February 15, 2005

"This was a fabulous workshop with Steven Angel. It was engaging and reminded me why I am a teacher. This way of teaching is how I would like to be able to instruct my class. I would love to instruct my kids in this tempo!" - S.M.I.

"The Rhythm of Learning teacher inservice was terrific. I learned a great deal about focus and energy and how important it is in teaching. I am eager to start this program with my class." - D.M.

"This was a very positive experience. I found the dynamic of the training really mirrored the classroom environment. I appreciated the focus of the training being about both internal view and external relationships in learning." - A.S.

"Very passionate, important, revealing, productive and fun! Accessible, rewarding. Full of feeling." - D.S.

"Very empowering experience of connecting the physical (drumming) to the mind (our thoughts/imagination) as we went through the exercises! Thanks!" - M.S.

"Very positive experience. Much wisdom. Put me in touch with myself and my students. Helped to take the focus off assessments." - C.Z.

"A wonderful experience! It really opened up new doors and thought processes." - B.S.

"I feel so much better. I really got how my feelings affect the kids and how and what I"m teaching. Many days I feel like no one is having fun and there are so many distractions that I can"t keep my focus and hence, nor can the kids. This was great to make me aware. I want to try this stuff." - L.B.