Letters from Educators - Professional Development

Dahlia Heights Elementary School

February 19th, 2008

I loved hearing "It"s the place where confidence and trust find each other". Thank you. A great experience! I tutor kids in my class in math at lunch. Those kids have fun and connect. I think they might be growing confidence and trust. - FK

Very interesting and informative. It is nice to use intuitive and right-brained instructional techniques rather than always take analysis and standardization. - SA

I really enjoyed and planned on using this in my class. I loved it! - OW

Great ideas – ties in with music we have at our school only on a different level. - KZ

I thought this was a great exercise to help synchronize students. I am excited to begin! - CD

Celebrates Individuality. Helps kids & teachers focus! - DP

Powerful Focusing exercises that I"m sure my students will enjoy and benefit from. - MRO

This was great! I am going to try this with my special ed students. Thanks! - CL

Good presentation! Very interesting and useful information. I can"t wait to try it!! - DG

Something that I can try in my autism class – it might help them to focus more and feel more calm. - TL

Interesting rhythmic exercises that really brought great focus within our group. I can see using this in the classroom as a daily exercise. - LA

It got me to focus – almost meditate. - PTO

Seemingly very effective for focus and bringing the class together. - DHY

It was interesting to see how after synchronizing, it helped me to focus in the instructor. - SC