Letters from Students

Westport Elementary School 2002-2003
"Your mind calms down when you focus on the drumming. It"s fun. I use the drumming for reading and spelling. I used to read slowly but now I"m faster and my comprehension is better. It feels good. Usually we were noisy before, but now if my teacher says "Shhhh", we listen better. If we have a standardized test, it quiets us down. It"s relaxing sometimes. We write in a journal every day how we feel. Everything"s changed. I feel better."

Kamyle (10)

"I used to write only a little, but now I like to write more. My grades are better and I"m focused more. Doing the drumming helps me have more power. I get more done. It helps my reading. I"m better in my mind. I notice that other kids listen more. They focus on the teacher. It helps average people do more, learn more. They can go on and be whatever they want to be."

Alejandra (10)

"My grades are now A"s and B"s. In Second Grade, I didn"t do so well but now I"m doing better. I drum at home when I need help with big words. It helps me to sound them out and then I get it. It"s exciting. It"s fun and it is cool to do. It"s a good thing to stay with, to explore more. Sometimes if I"m having a bad day, it cheers me up and I feel better. It"s a fun beat to do and helps me get rid of stress."

Cesar (9)

"Each day I know it is going to be a good day when Steven comes to drum with us. The program makes us smarter, work harder, and be focused. It has taught me a lot. My spelling is better. I feel better inside."

Pearl (9)