Letters from Students

Steven and 5th grade students
"I wish I could be awake all day and night so I could be drumming all day long. I really love drumming cause it helps me alot. It would be cool if I lived forever so I could be drumming and teaching like Steven. I would go all over the world just to teach other kids."

Andy G.

"I think drumming is really helping me. At first when Steven was doing the wacky rhythms I mostly could not concentrate on the rhythm. But now I have really improved a whole lot and can concentrate. My reading comprehension is really better. Before drumming, I couldn't remember what our first story was about and now with drumming, I can remember. When we didn't have any rhythm, I used to read slowly and now I read fast and smoothly than I did before. My math is getting better than before. I am starting to like school some more. I think drumming is going to help me with the rest of my life."

Brian H.

"My drumming experience was very fun. The drumming helped me read better and faster. When I got timed I read a lot faster. Drumming is helping me a lot in reading and in math, like division. I like all rhythms. I am really glad Steven was there to help us."

Yvette H.

"Before we started drumming, I wasn't doing well in math, but now I'm doing better. When I do the rhythms I feel confident in everything like math and science. I wasn't good at those and now I'm so much better."


"I feel great with drumming. I always used to be cranky but the drumming program helps me feel better. And it helps me focus on work."


"When I drum, I am focussed and concentrating. It makes me feel good inside of my body."


"Drumming is really helping me to concentrate in everything I do. I used to not do my work or finish it. Now I finished it because I can concentrate. It is helping me do my homework and the hard work in class. That's why I like drumming. It also stops me from talking in class and passing notes."


"I think drumming is fun, great, super and cool. I am very proud that I am getting better grades at school and paying attention to my teacher."