Rhythm of Discovery Counselor Training – Los Angeles County

Steven Angel training session with Patrick Haggerson
of The Betty Ford Institute
The Rhythm of Discovery Counselor Training technique is designed for licensed therapists and clinical social workers.
 “I have not found any technique that helped me access the unconscious more effectively and safely as what you teach... What I achieved in the two days with you has surpassed anything I have known so far.”
--Patrick Haggerson, Program Director, Ethno-Cultural Activities, The Betty Ford Institute

Training Specifics

  • Two 8-hour sessions over one weekend
  • Five individual sessions (60 minutes) with each counselor over 5 days
  • 3-hour review at the end of the week for all counselors
  • Follow-up group training; one 8-hour session, 4 weeks later after counselors have conducted 15 sessions using the Rhythm of Discovery technique
  • After 3 months: 2-hour follow-up with Q & A
  • Each participant receives an instructional manual, DVD and a Certificate of Completion

Objectives: Saturday Session – 8 hours

  • Learn how drumming works with psychology to affect healing
  • Understand the psychology of the whole body
  • Learn about the relationship between the conscious and unconscious of each part of the body
  • Experiential Drum Journey: discussion of individual experience and group experience
  • Learn how to use the drum to track inside the body
  • Learn to use the drum to break apart unhealthy relationships and to unite healthy ones

Objectives: Sunday Session – 8 hours

  • Learn how to integrate different parts of the body into one whole
  • Learn about Toning (vocal technique) and how to use it
  • Learn how to travel in trust in the body using your voice and drumming
  • Each participant leads full process
  • Q & A session


  • One hour a day (5 days) with each counselor working with clients
  • Three hour end of week review with all counselors


Objectives: Saturday-Session – 8 hours

  • Experiential Drum Journey
  • Learn how to integrate the psychology and energy of two parts (chest and heart) of the body
  • Learn how to integrate all three parts of the body into one whole
  • Teaming up and working with the integration
  • Q & A


  • 2-hour follow up with all counselors
  • Q & A
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