Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training – International

Teachers training at St. Angela’s Ursuline School in East London

The Reading & Rhythm program accelerates students' reading abilities through the revolutionary use of rhythm for 12 students at a time, while the Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training programs affect 250 students annually by initially training a group of 10 teachers. The effective and cost efficient Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training program is available anywhere in the world.  Its upfront cost is higher, but ultimately affects many more students. With no cost after the first year, the program is essentially free for the career of each teacher, reaching thousands of students over time for the one initial investment.

The Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training program is a powerful strategy to address the needs of struggling readers. It is the universal appeal of rhythm that makes Reading & Rhythm stand out among other reading strategies. The Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training program delivers an average increase of 52% in reading scores. Drumming for Your Life facilitators and K-12 teachers have worked with over 7,500 students and pre and post tested over 4,000 students.

It was impressive to see and hear the students grow in confidence and improve fluency as they read, and also the amount and detail of information that they could recall from the text. The programme is a marvellous aid to the consolidation of students’ learning. I was amazed at the power of the definition technique when introducing new, key words.”
-- Samuel Oyebanjo, Teacher at St. Angela’s Ursuline School

International Training Specifics for 10 Teachers

Initial training takes place over two days, 6 hour sessions per day (12 hours).


  • Learn how rhythm (drumming) works to break through psychological barriers towards reading
  • Learn to use rhythm and tempo (beats per minute) to increase fluency
  • Learn how rhythm increases focus and concentration
  • Learn the seven structural rules of the program to eliminate poor reading habits
  • Learn how our unique Non-Linear Comprehension™ strategy allows the reader to become the writer
  • Learn specific educational techniques to help students tackle phonetics, complex words, vocabulary and improve spelling


  • Each teacher will practice leading the “group in training” in the Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training program with the support of the facilitator

Training Follow up

  • After Initial Training: 5 days of individual teacher in classroom instruction / 30 minutes per teacher
  • Follow-up: 3 hour review with all teachers after one week
  • Two week follow-up/ 2 hours with all teachers via webcam
  • Check-up after first month via webcam or in person: One week / 30 minutes per teacher per day in classroom instruction
  • Check-up every two months (one day every two months via webcam for the remainder of year): 3 days / 30 minutes per teacher per day in classroom instruction.
  • 3 hour program refresher at the beginning of the new school year.
  • Final check-up one day 30 min per teacher via webcam.


  • Each teacher receives a Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training Manual, Certificate of Completion, and access to additional support at

Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training – International cost: $9,500
Travel expenses according to area for one week (7 nights)