Reading & Rhythm – One-On-One

At Drumming For Your Life office in Downey CA.  Students can get support through one-on-one sessions or on-line via Skype.

The Reading & Rhythm program is a powerful strategy to address the needs of struggling readers.  It is the universal appeal of rhythm that makes Reading & Rhythm stand out among other reading strategies.  The Reading & Rhythm program delivers an average increase of 52% in reading scores. Drumming for Your Life facilitators and K-12 teachers have worked with over 7,500 students and pre and post tested over 4,000 students. The Reading & Rhythm program uses a simple but powerful assertive rhythm that diffuses the Doubtful Internal Voice™ and decreases anxiety, while creating a neural pathway in the brain for increased focus and concentration. Our language arts workbook contains all the educational building blocks your students need to become successful readers and learners.

“…Not only has Gabriel’s reading level increased from a low, first grade level to a beginning third grade level in a very short time, but his reading comprehension has skyrocketed, and his spelling and vocabulary skills have greatly improved. His fluency went from 38 words per minute to 88 words per minute. The biggest improvement, however, is in Gabriel’s self-esteem and enthusiasm.”
--Sheila Bouffard, Teacher, Grade 3, Westminster Avenue Elementary School, Los Angeles

The Reading & Rhythm program accelerates students' reading abilities through the revolutionary use of rhythm.  The program has been used in classrooms with 12 students at a time, and the Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training  programs have affected hundreds of students annually by initially training teachers. The effective and cost efficient Reading & Rhythm program is now available anywhere in the United States one-on-one via Skype or directly with our facilitators one-on-one in Southern California. 

The Reading & Rhythm program is presently taught at:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District Schools
  • Los Angeles County Office of Education School sites
  • Los Angeles Department of Mental Health sites (includes detention camps and juvenile halls)
  • New Economics for Women sites (Family centers sponsored by the City of LA’s Gang Reduction Youth Development Program)

The Reading & Rhythm program is featured in the short film Amazing Classrooms funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation airing on PBS. It is also featured on the Teaching Channelwhich is aimed at teachers as a resource for support and encouragement in their K-12 classrooms. “This is a milestone validation to the success of our Reading & Rhythm program says Steven Angel, President of Drumming for Your Life Institute.

Reading & Rhythm Program Goals

  • Increase reading fluency and accuracy through the use of rhythm along with seven structural rules
  • Specific educational techniques to help student tackle complex words, vocabulary and improve spelling
  • Our Non-Linear Comprehension™ strategy allows the reader to become the writer
  • Use rhythm and tempo to read faster and increase self-esteem
  • Use rhythm to motivate and inspire students to read

Reading & Rhythm Program Specifics

  • DFYL Facilitator works one-on-one with students twice a week, 60 minutes per session for 6 weeks
  • Students are pre and post tested for fluency, sound recognition and accuracy, comprehension and given an assessment questionnaire to evaluate the impact of the program.

Reading & Rhythm – One-On-One 12 hour long sessions with a facilitator coming to the location of your choice.

Reading & Rhythm – Downey Office 12 hour long sessions with a facilitator at our Downey Office.

Reading & Rhythm – Skype program 12 hour long sessions with a facilitator via Skype on-line.