Reading & Rhythm for College Athletes

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To handle with the time demands of his/her sport, a college athlete must be able to read faster to keep up with his/her studies.
Your Athletes Can Read Faster,
Understand More.

Some athletes are at a disadvantage juggling their academic lives with their athletic ones. They are at a double disadvantage if their reading speed & comprehension are not up to speed. CNN investigation reports shows that up to 18% of college athletes are reading at an elementary school level.

Athletes are torn more than other students. Being in an athletic program is like having a full time job. But they’re treated no differently than other college students in their academic performance requirements. That means that to succeed, they realistically need to be not only gifted athletically, but gifted academically too, in order to do the same academic work in the shorter time that they have available due to the demands of their athletic schedule.

Our Reading & Rhythm program is a fast and efficient way to improve reading skills (average increase of 52% in 6 weeks) and will help reduce the amount of time a student will need for studying.

Rhythm plays an important part in the development of any athletic sport. Our approach is built on neuro-scientific research findings that the brain needs rhythm to conduct complex tasks. Using rhythm to help these athletes improve their reading is a perfect fit for success.

Ultimately, the program helps save athletes time and builds their self-esteem. Both components benefit tremendously when dealing with the disadvantage that comes with the territory of juggling their academic lives with their athletic ones.