Life Skills Drumming Program – Los Angeles County

The Life Skills Drumming program uses the power of rhythm along with visualization techniques through 10 character values that are Honesty, Independence, Survival, Trust, Character, Responsibility, Respect, Self-Discipline, Loyalty, and Justice.
Drumming for your Life has been a great way for me to express myself.  The program is a program that they should have in schools & other types of places to give kids the opportunity to learn how to express themselves in different ways, before they end up in a place like this…Each topic we do is a beneficial topic that can help us when we get out to the streets…”
--Participant, Barry Nidorf Juvenile Hall, Los Angeles

Program Goals

  • Free negative internal voices that help each student discover his/her own authentic voice
  • Release stress which allows emotional expression in a productive, non-violent manner
  • Build community and self-confidence that lead to creative ways to change one's life
  • Students develop the essential emotional intelligence needed to maintain control over anger and impulsive behavior
  • Decision-making and problem solving skills are acquired that lead participants to make safer and better choices

Program Specifics

  • DFYL Facilitator works with students twice a week, 60 minutes per session for 6 weeks
  • Students are pre and post tested on stress, self-esteem, and impulsive control

Life Skills Drumming program – Los Angeles County cost: $1,800