Adopt a Class / Adopt a School

Save at-risk students from prison by sponsoring the Reading & Rhythm program

Adopt a Class: Reading & Rhythm program for 12 students with 12 one-hour sessions held twice per week for six weeks in Los Angeles County:
  • $1,500 provides 1 Cycle (6 weeks) and impacts 12 students.
  • $4,500  provides 3 Cycles (18 weeks) and impacts 36 students.
  • $7,500 provides 5 Cycles (30 weeks) and impacts 60 students.

Adopt a School: Fund the costs to train & certify teachers nationally in the Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training at the school of your choice:

  • $9,5000 will train 10 teachers and impact 250 students.
  • $19,000 will train 20 teachers and impact 500 students.
  • $28,500 will train 30 teachers and impact 750 students.

Please do not allow another prison to be built because students cannot read.
Act today and save a child’s life. Email:

Donate to Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training (any region) so we can teach 10 teachers at a time to use our program to raise 250 kids' reading scores by an average of 50%
Donate to the Reading & Rhythm (Los Angeles County only) program so we can teach 12 students at a time how to read quickly and accurately with an average improvement of three grade levels